We desire the opportunity to reach youth for Christ through age specific curriculum, and make them aware of His redemptive work on Calvary’s Cross and the wonderful life that He as in store for those who live to know Him in the Power of His resurrection. We also desire the opportunity to communicate through relationships that Jesus is real, approachable, and trustworthy and to prepare them as youth to grow into discovering the accepting their unique roles as they become faithful and committed participants in the Total Family Ministry.



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For Children

Our purpose in ministry is in response to Jesus’ standing invitation to suffer little children to come to Him and not to hinder their coming, but to help them encounter His lifesaving and changing message of love. We must accept the privilege to impact and influence the lives of children ages ten and under through the use of age specific curriculum; to demonstrate, through elations that Jesus is real, approachable and trustworthy; to prepare them as children to grow into discovering the accepting their unique roles as they become faithful and committed participants in the Total Family Ministry.




Family Bible Hour 9:30 am and Worship Services 11:00 am

Nursery – 6 months to age 18 months

Toddlers—18 months to 36 months


New Covenant nursery & toddler services provide a place to minister to the very specialized needs of the very young children in our congregation. Nursery volunteers provide your children with the greatest love and care and are committed to the safety of your child.

Family Bible Hour & Covenant Kids Worship

Ages 4 to 12


Your children will participate an age appropriate bible study. Classes are broken down into small study groups where church leaders have been trained to present a christian-base curriculum.



All parents/guardians will be required to check-in their children and will receive a badge and assigned a number that will be displayed on the video screens in the sanctuary if needed.




There is currently no child care services provided for Wednesday Night Bible Study.


For Youth

New Covenant Baptist Church youth ministries have assigned individual leadership for each of the ministries. These leaders are passionate in helping young people grow spiritually by participating in community services.


Each leader is responsible for communicating with parents and youth concerning projects, meetings and events.


These activities are designed to increase a sense of social responsibility and expose our youth to diversity and multiculturalism. It also provides an opportunity to learn about real human needs and builds relationships with peers and adults improving communication skills and critical thinking skills.



Children in Action (age 5-8)

A missions discipleship organization for children. Every boy or girl has an important place in Children in Action. Members of Children in Action learn about and pray for missions. They do missions work and give money to missions.



Girls in Action (age 9-12)

A missions discipleship organization for girls. Through GA, girls learn about, pray for, give to, and do missions work. They also make new friends and have lots of fun!



Acteens (age 13-18)

Provide an active, fun, dynamic, experiential way for students to grow in relationship to Christ. Acteens is a missions organization for girls. Through Acteens, teenage girls have opportunities to grow in their relationships with God and their peers. Acteens learn to look beyond themselves and become actively involved in missions and ministry.



Boys to Men

Our mission is to provide leadership and mentoring for youth males at New Covenant Baptist Church and visitors from the surrounding community.  Leadership and mentoring will include Missions work and have a primary focus on guiding the youth to grow in wisdom and maturity, so they will be able to make sound life decisions based on the word of God.


Youth males in the Knoxville and surrounding communities, between the ages of 9 and 18 are welcome to attend and participate in ministry activities.

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